The Liberation of Paris and Picasso - Visualmyth

A visualmyth with many components: the photo of Picasso's studio on Rue de Grands Augustins, May 9, 1944 by Brassai, digitally altered as a derivative work. Public Domain images from WW2 news footage, and original paintings by Picasso, "Portrait of Marie-Therese" and "Women Running on the Beach", digitally altered as derivative works. "La Marsellaise" from the soundtrack of the film Casablanca, public domain. Interview audio from RTBF, 1966. Kasbec is out taking a walk on the boulevards of Paris... "a free dog in Paris".
Visualmyth © Patrick Burke. *the audio for the video is slightly out of sync with the original version, due to the upload...for some unexplained reason.*