Joni Mitchell - California - Visuamyth

Joni Mitchell, California, from the album Blue 1971, Reprise Records. Paris 1900's, public domain film. Pablo Picasso, Portrait of Marie-Thérèse Walter. 7 Rue des Augustein, photograph by Brassai. Film clip from the studio of Edd Cox, 619 Western Ave. Picasso studio imagery powered by ONADIME. Visualmyth © Patrick Burke.


The Sower

Original image - etched acetate and acrylic on paper, 1997. Limited edition silkscreen prints by Dennis O'Neil, Handprint Workshop International, 1999. (Edition of 50 prints. 97% sold out - $500 each). Digital exploration, "rolling hills", 2017. © Patrick Burke.


"Bozo Radar... on"

Pen and ink on paper, digital exploration. © Patrick Burke.

Eternal Present, Now - Aeterno, Nunc

Pen and ink on paper, digital exploration. "There is no past, no future; everything flows in an eternal present." James Joyce. © Patrick Burke.


"between the shadow and the soul"

Pablo Neruda observing the invisible. © Patrick Burke.


the Ocean Roars

pen and ink on paper, then digital exploration. © Patrick Burke.


Watching a Cave Painting Dry

"The painter's mind is a copy of the divine mind, since it operates freely in
creating the many kinds of animals, plants, fruits, landscapes, countrysides, ruins, and awe-inspiring places." Leonardo da Vinci. © Patrick Burke.


Ojo Fuego Sonido - visualmyth

Salvador Dali - The Eye, 1945. The United States of America - nuclear explosions, 1950's. 
John Cage - "Amores" - remix by Patrick Burke. Powered by ONADIME.
To Barry Flanagan
"I enjoy the third dimension and I appreciate material in time and space. I find it exciting to the eyes.” 
"Flanagan's Wake" a documentary film by Peter Bach.
Visualmyth © Patrick Burke.


Leonardo Da Vinci - visualmyth

"Weight, force and casual impulse, together with resistance, are the four external powers in which all the visible actions of mortals have their being and their end." Leonardo Da Vinci


Europa - Visualmyth - 2017

Created using Public Domain film clips of Berlin in 1900 and NBC News audio clips of the D Day invasion. Zoltan Kodaly, Sonata for Cello, Opus 8. Paul Tortelier, cello, 1977. To mix cello with chirping morning birds. Visualmyth © Patrick Burke.


Ulysses Battle - Jimi Hendrix - Vietnam 3

The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Spanish Castle Magic (excerpts), Stockholm, Sweden 1969. Film clips from "The Anderson Platoon" by Pierre Schoendoerffer, ©French Broadcasting System. And Public Domain video, Vietnam. Visualmyth © Patrick Burke.
"In the Year of the Pig" is an Academy Award nominated documentary about the Vietnam War made in 1968. Directed by Emile De Antonio. Jonathan Shay, "Odysseus In America". 
The genisis of the genocide: "The Uncounted Enemy: The Vietnam Deception".
"It was Sam Adams who discovered in 1967 that there were more than a half-million Vietnamese Communists under arms – roughly twice the number that the U.S. command in Saigon would admit to, lest Americans learn that claims of “progress” were bogus." Samuel A. Adams, former Central Intelligence Agency analyst.


Ulysses Battle - Jimi Hendrix - Vietnam 2

Jimi Hendrix, Hear My Train A Comin', The Royal Albert Hall, 1969 (excerpts). Film clips from "The Anderson Platoon" by Pierre Schoendoerffer, ©French Broadcasting System. And Public Domain film clips, Vietnam. Animations by Patrick Burke. Powered by ONADIME. Visualmyth © Patrick Burke. Jonathan Shay, "Achilles In Vietnam".

Ulysses Battle - Jimi Hendrix - Vietnam 1

The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Voodoo Child, Stockholm, Sweden 1969. Public Domain video, 1st Air Calvary Division, Vietnam 1967. Animation soundtrack by Paul Downes, Cavern Studios, Amsterdam, 1997. Animation by Patrick Burke. Powered by ONADIME. Visualmyth © Patrick Burke. Jonathan Shay, "Achilles In Vietnam".


50th Anniversary - Potsdam Conference - 1995 - Lightbox Images

As part of the events marking the 50th anniversary of the Potsdam Coference in Potsdam, Germany, I participated by having an exhibition of digitally altered and printed images that were placed in 160 lightboxes at tram and bus stops throughout Potsdam, as well as a smaller number in Berlin and in Arnhem, the Netherlands. My goal was to create a reflection of 50 years of history when the people of Potsdam were living the consequences of the Potsdam Conference. I did this by using photographs from the DOK film studio archives, photographs taken by Potsdam photographer Martin Seidel, and photographs from personal archives of the people of Potsdam, as well as photographs that I took in Potsdam while working on the project. By digitally altering the images and creating a sort of "digital collage" my goal was to use computer technology to combine layers of time, creating an image that evokes a glance in all directions. Using a means of communication usually dominated by advertising to express more than the enticement to consume, my goal was to broaden opportunities for advertisers and invite the public to use the lightboxes as a reflection of their own creativity. This image is a collage of images from the DOK Film Archive, used with permission, and from photograghs that I took in Sanssouci. My intent in creating this image was to salute the creative spirit of filmmakers who persevered in the years 1945-1995. Corporate sponsors for the project were : Wall AG, Berlin, Germany. ESC, Badsalzuflen, Germany. OCE' Germany, and Color Utrecht, Utrecht, the Netherlands.


Berliner Zeitung - No. 153, July 3,1991

- - - - VIVID COLORS FOR A SMALLER WORLD - AMERICAN ARTIST EXHIBITS IN TREPTOW - - - - "The world has become smaller, and the distance betweeen things shorter." The American artist Patrick Burke, who since yesterday has been showing his exhibition "On the Surface of Our Moon" at Kulturehaus Treptow, is a widely traveled man and knows whereof he speaks. "Man has conquered the distance to the moon, and has left behind his traces there. You here in Germany have bridged the gap between East and West, and are again one people." As the son of a U.S. soldier, Burke grew up in Germany. Later he settled on the American West Coast, then spent many years on board a fishing fleet in the Alaskan waters, and worked as a cowboy and a poultry farmer in the Vermont woods*. The experience of a life filled with variety are mirrored in Burke's paintings, which come alive with a charming alternation between abstraction and reality. Burke also finds themes in the political issues of the day, as in his painting depicting the misery of the Kurdish refugees and the opening of the Brandenburg Gate. His interesting work style, pressing acrylic paint or pastel ink onto colorful backgrounds using a cold-needle technique, produces an extraordinary line and special expression. "I've always been a little skeptical of the art scene," says the self taught Burke, who has never studied painting. "Furthermore, I distrust galleries; it's better to take your own opportunities in hand as much as possible." Burke, who has had some success in America and is showing in Europe for the first time, has held himself to this conviction. His friend, Rob Schrama, a Dutch performance artist, has helped with the organization of Burke's trip to Europe, which will go on to Amsterdam after the show in Berlin. Burke's work is on display until August 23 in the gallery at 5 Puschkinallee. This is the gallery's premier showing of the work of an American artist. Those interested in purchasing pictures should expect prices in the range of 380 to 2,700 German Marks. Jakob Augstein - - - - * CORRECTION * Herdsman on a dairy farm in Vermont, not "cowboy and poultry farmer etc." Organic Jersey cows, cedar sawdust on the barn floor, a big stained glass window...not a chicken in sight. (lost in translation but the thought of life on a poultry farm is not apealling at all, even in Vermont.) PB. (The mayor of East Berlin bought a work, the Brandenburg Gate inspired work titled "Just A Road, Just A Road.") From recently found mobile archives.


Kimono Collection 2017 - Visualmyth Fabric

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