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Joyce Again - Finn Again - Bloom Arís

“What in water did Bloom, waterlover, drawer of water, watercarrier, returning to the range, admire?
Its universality: its democratic equality and constancy to its nature in seeking its own level: its vastness in the ocean of Mercator's projection: its unplumbed profundity in the Sundam trench of the Pacific exceeding 8000 fathoms: the restlessness of its waves and surface particles visiting in turn all points of its seaboard: ..." James Joyce, Ulysses.



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Joe Reno - Sweet Sambo - Visualmyth

Geoffrey Oryema - Exile - Visualmyth


Red Dress - Broken Ballerina - Visualmyth


Hear Ye Here Ye - "Maladjusted" - Visualmyth

"The upside down U.S. flag is an official signal of distress. It is not meant to be, and is not officially recognized as any type of disrespect when so displayed for the right reasons."
"To argue with a man who has renounced the use of reason is like giving medicine to the dead." Thomas Paine.
Retired Rear Admiral Jonathan White and former chairman of the Navy’s Task Force Climate Change says there’s no time to spare for convincing budget writers to act. By the time the seas have risen, the ice will have melted and there will be no turning back. Laura Parker, National Geographic.

Humming Thrust - Matisse - Manx - Visualmyth

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The Liberation of Paris and Picasso - Visualmyth


D Day - June 6, 1944 - Sunrise - Newgrange Ireland - Visualmyth


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Jack+Jackie at Sea - Heaven - Rolling Stones - Visualmyth

"In a world of complex and continuing problems, in a world full of frustrations and irritations, America's leadership must be guided by the lights of learning and reason or else those who confuse rhetoric with reality and the plausible with the possible will gain the popular ascendancy with their seemingly swift and simple solutions to every world problem." JFK. Remarks Prepared for Delivery at the Trade Mart in Dallas, TX, Nov. 22, 1963.  

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Midnite - Things To Be Thankful For - Edison 1915 - Visualmyth

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L'Atlantide - G.W. Pabst - Yuja Wang - Visualmyth