Kwakwaka'wakw Wedding Party - Nootka Tapestry - Visualmyth

War-Ne-La, Nootka shaman, portrait, and in a canoe with her husband. Public Domain image, 1900's. Photograph: Benjamin W. Leeson.  
Tapestry printed on 100% Organic Cotton Sateen, Polyester Crepe de Chine or Silky Faille. Printed on 1 yard of fabric (91.44cm x 132cm). Image size 34"x38.5" (86.36cm x 97.69cm). Unhemmed for custom display options. NOAA Chart, Public Domain. © Visualmyth Fabric.


ผู้ซื้อหน้าต่าง - Window Shoppers - Visualmyth

Embossed oil pastel and acrylic on paper, digital enhancement. © Patrick Burke.
Inspired by a photograph by Marcel Mindlin, a self portrait in reflection. Cities of motion revolved around this image, the cities of Berlin, San Francisco and Los Angeles, merged into a tempo established by the music of Tomas Svoboda. Original photo © Marcel Mindlin, used with permission. All filmclips are in the Public Domain. Visualmyth © Patrick Burke.


Bruce Springsteen - Downbound Train - Visualmyth

Bruce Springsteen - Downbound Train. Recorded in 1984. Produced by Jon Landau, Chuck Plotkin, Bruce Springsteen and Steve Van Zandt. Columbia Records. Scenes from "The Pushover". Directed by Richard Quine. 1954. Artwork © Patrick Burke. Visualmyth by Patrick Burke.
“What is it about the American character that allows the long con of our politics to go on and on, electing crooks, racists, bullies, hate-mongering preachers, corporate bagmen and bald-faced liars? Not always, but often. The history is damning. We must on some level, want what they are offering.” Ben Fountain.


"Space" Jokerman (outtake) - Bob Dylan - Visualmyth

Jokerman (outake) by Bob Dylan. Spacewalk flying by NASA. Visualmyth by Patrick Burke.
"Freedom just around the corner for you, but with truth so far off what good will it do?" Bob Dylan. 
The Grifter:
"He is a kindred spirit of the neo-authoritarians. He has repeatedly tweeted and spoken about his disdain for the free press and the rule of law. He has little interest in bolstering the free world from authoritarian advances. If left to his own devices, he would go much further than he has in partnering with Vladimir Putin’s Russia and developing what a senior White House official described as a “no friends, no enemies” worldview. In this competition of models, the president of the United States is on the other side." Thomas Wright


Sunset - закат солнца - 日落

"What is our worst existential fear, worse than any cyber, biological, enviornmental or even nuclear threat? It is the threat of a utopian ideology in the hands of a formidable power. Because Utopian thought is, in and of itself, the perfect political and spiritual arrangement, this means that any measures to bring it about are morally justified: including totalitarianism and mass murder. But what, on the individual level, has always been the attraction of utopian ideology, despite what is has wrought in the twentieth century? Its primary attraction lies in what it does to the soul." 
Robert D. Kaplan, "Marco Polo's World".
Telegram to King Bozo the Only: “Another reform in the American Constitutions is the exploding of all oaths of personality. The oath of allegiance to America is to the nation only. The putting of any individual as a figure for a Nation is improper." The Rights of Man, Thomas Paine.
The state of American democracy as Mt. Etna - live camera, with sound.


Figure With Still Life - รูปที่มีชีวิตยังคง - Visualmyth

Figure With Still Life - รูปที่มีชีวิตยังคง. Egg tempra, graphite, embossed etching. Limited edition giclee print.  
The limestone statue of a Mayan maize god was found in Copán, Honduras. The statue was commissioned by the 13th ruler of Copán, Waxaklajuun Ub'aah K'awiil, also known as 18-Rabbit. Music by Xitotepec - Musica Maya. Fabric design by Visualmyth Fabric. Visualmyth © Patrick Burke.


Senator Edward Kennedy - U.S. Senate Speech - Visualmyth

The spirit of Senator Edward Kennedy confronts his fellow lawmakers as he navigates his Trabant P-70 around the U.S. Capitol. "When does the greed stop?!" Excerpts from his Senate speech on January 26, 2007.   Images and audio Public Domain. Powered by ONADIME. Visualmyth © Patrick Burke.
“Ted and I shared the sentiment that a fight not joined was a fight not enjoyed,” Senator John McCain said during a speech seven years ago inside Boston’s John F. Kennedy Presidential Library. 
* Flying the American flag upside down is an officially recognized signal of distress.
Here is the relevant part of the US Code of Laws regarding how to fly the flag when in distress:
Title 4, Chapter 1
§ 8(a)The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.


César Vallejo - Paris, October 1936

From all of this I am the only one who leaves.
From this bench I go away, from my pants,
from my great situation, from my actions,
from my number split side to side,
from all of this I am the only one who leaves.

From the Champs Elysées or as the strange
alley of the Moon makes a turn,
my death goes away, my cradle leaves,
and, surrounded by people, alone, cut loose,
my human resemblance turns around
and dispatches its shadows one by one.

And I move away from everything, since everything
remains to create my alibi:
my shoe, its eyelet, as well as its mud
and even the bend in the elbow
of my own buttoned shirt.
César Vallejo.
"Paris - city of eternal light", a visualmyth from the public domain films of S-E Lofhelm, filmed in Paris in 1939. Chanson d'amour by Aleksander Wertynski. Two paintings of Notre Dame Catherdral by Henri Matisse, from 1902 and 1914. Powered by ONADIME. Visualmyth by Patrick Burke.


Drake Deknatel - Drake and the Maxwells - Visualmyth

A visual tribute to the artist and musician Drake Deknatel. Created using his music and a closeup of one of his paintings as the music makes a visual element "dance". Original music by Drake and the Maxwells, including Lauren Deknatel on bass. Created in 2007 by Patrick Burke. Powered by ONADIME. Produced in association with Lauren Deknatel and the Estate of Drake Deknatel.


César Vallejo - "La Paz, La Avispa..."

The Peace, The Wasp. . .

The peace, the wasp, the bung, the hillsides,
The dead man, the ten liter bottles, the owl,
Places, the spider, the tombs, the tumbler, the dark women,
Unknowing, the kettle, the acolyte,
Drops, forgetfulness,
Power, the cousins, the archangel, the needle,
The parish priests, ebony, lack of skill,
The part, the type, the stupor, the soul. . . .
Easy to handle, covered with saffron, everlasting, spotless,
Easy to carry, old, thirteen, covered with blood,
They have been photographed, made ready, they have swollen up,
Joined together, broad, they have put on ribbons, they are perfidious. . . .
Burning, comparing,
Living, flying in a rage,
Striking, analyzing, listening, meddling,
Dying, bearing up, getting themselves a place, weeping. . . .
After, these here,
After, up above,
Perhaps, while behind, so much, so never,
Below, maybe, far,
Always, that one, tomorrow, how much,
How much. . .!
The horrible, the sumptuary, the very slow,
The portly, the fruitless,
The ill-fated, causing us to twitch, the wet, the fatal,
The all, the most-pure, the gloomy,
The bitter, the satanic, the tactile, the profound. . .
César Vallejo


Volare - Pavarotti - Visualmyth Fabric

Images of designs created by Visualmyth Fabric accompanied by Luciano Pavarotti singing "Volare". Orchestra Del Teatro Comunale Di Bologna conducted by Henry Mancini. Written by Franco Migliacci and Domenico Modugno. Video and designs © Visualmyth Fabric.


Flowers Cutout Fabric - Visualmyth

Flowers Cutout Fabric © Patrick Burke.


Red Dress - Money Dream - Visualmyth

The Seattle band Red Dress in this classic song, "Money Dream". Written by Gary Minkler. Recorded in 1981. Gary Minkler, vocals. John Olufs, guitar. Pete Pendras, guitar. Bill Bagley, bass. Bill Shaw, drums. Produced by Steve Boyce, Conrad Uno and Red Dress. Recorded at Triangle Studios by Steve Boyce. Produced at Popllama Records. Patrick Burke, computer graphics and production. Powered by ONADIME. Money Dream © Red Dress. Visualmyth © Patrick Burke.
"The instantaneous creates an interplay among time and space and human occupations, for which the older forms of currency exchange becomes increasingly inadequate." Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media.


Harry Manx - Nine Summers Lost - Visualmyth

Harry Manx performs "Nine Summers Lost" from his album, "Bread & Buddha". This video was shot at a sound check before his performance at Hugh's Room in Toronto. Film clips: Wim Wenders, Wings of Desire - Dziga Vertov, Enthusiasm - Berlin 1937-45, Public Domain. Visualmyth by Patrick Burke.


Studio View - Pacific - "E Kali Ana"

Horse in Motion tapestry, Mt. Rainier, Matisse study on paper, © Patrick Burke.
Red Sunset, egg tempera on paper and graphite study, © Joe Reno.
"E Kali Ana" - Waiting.


Dear Landlord - Bob Dylan - Diva de Lai - Visualmyth

Dear Landlord, written by Bob Dylan. From John Wesley Harding,1967. Diva de Lai - “Dylan at the Opera.” Karin Shifrin, vocals. Eyal Sucher, guitar. Yuval Nachtom, drums. Yossi Fine, bass/producer. Piano sample from the original Bob Dylan recording. Photograph of Bob Dylan - AP (Simon + Schuster). Diego Rivera, Conquistador and Pan American Murals. US Government Film Archives, WPA 1930's. Public Domain. Powered by ONADIME. Visualmyth by Patrick Burke.
"El estafador está podrido al núcleo."