Violeta Parra - Gracias a La Vida - Visualmyth

Violeta Parra - Gracias a La Vida. Written by Violeta Parra. JMW Turner - The Blue Rigi, Sunrise. Théodore Géricault - The Raft of the Medusa. Marcel Mindlin - Black Wave (LA Graffiti). Visualmyh © Patrick Burke.
Maya Maize God - uac chuaac nal (six tall new corn).
началась вторая американская революция


Flying To Byzantium - Visualmyth

"Flying To Byzantium" where “the artifice of eternity" is experienced in a capsule of time. 
TWA Constellation, Public Domain Film Clips, 1950's. Jean Vigo "A Propos de Nice" - 1930. Photography by Boris Kaufman. Public Domain. John F. Kennedy, Public Domain film. Visualmyth © Patrick Burke.
"In a world of complex and continuing problems, in a world full of frustrations and irritations, America's leadership must be guided by the lights of learning and reason - or else those who confuse rhetoric with reality and the plausible with the possible will gain the popular ascendancy with their seemingly swift and simple solutions to every world problem." JFK. Remarks prepared for delivery at the Trade Mart in Dallas. November 22, 1963.


Under My Thumb - Mick Jagger - Rolling Stones - Visualmyth

Inspired by the brilliance of Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones. "Under My Thumb" written by Jagger/Richards. Powered by ONADIME. Visualmyth created by Patrick Burke.
"под моим пальцем" 


JFK - Lennon - Peace - Visualmyth -"мир или смерть на всю жизнь"

                                    Silence = Acquiesence
John F. Kennedy's lucid warning to generations in the crosshairs of nuclear weapons. Contains excerpts from his American University Speech, June 10, 1963. "Give Peace a Chance" is a 1969 single by (John Lennon's) Plastic Ono Band. Visualmyth © Patrick Burke. "мир или смерть на всю жизнь - Peace or Death for Life" 
Excerpts from JFK's American University Speech, June 10, 1963. Odetta, "Masters of War". Written by Bob Dylan. Visualmyth © Patrick Burke.


Midnite & Desmond Williams - A Cool Veranda - Visualmyth

Midnite & Desmond Williams. A Cool Veranda. Melody & Lyrics by Vaughn Benjamin. Produced and Music by Desmond Williams. Powered by ONADIME. Visualmyth by Patrick Burke.
"The ideal subject of totalitarian rule is not the convinced Nazi or the convinced communist, but people for whom the distinction between fact and fiction (ie the reality of experience) and the distinction between true and false (ie the standards of thought) no longer exist." Hannah Arend, The Origins of Totalitarianism. 
  "5.9 lies a day."


Colibrí - Hummingbird - Visualmyth

"una luz dentro de la luz,                                                      
a light within the light,
aire dentro del aire." 
air within the air."
Pablo Neruda


The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony - Frida Kahlo - Visualmyth

The Verve, Bittersweet Symphony, Jagger/Richards/Ashcroft. Frida Kahlo, "Self Portrait, Border Line - Mexico, USA, 1932. "This Land Is Rich" 1966, United Farm Workers, California. Public Domain film. Video footage of Frida Kahlo is from a currently unknown source, Public Domain. Visualmyth by Patrick Burke.


Europa - 2018 - Visualmyth

Created using Public Domain film clips of Berlin in 1900 and NBC News audio clips of the D Day invasion. Zoltan Kodaly, Sonata for Cello, Opus 8. Paul Tortelier, cello, 1977. Visualmyth © Patrick Burke.
This image of the destruction of the Garnisonkirche in Potsdam was taken by Martin Seidel, used with his permission. 
The tribal instincts of the citizens of Europe struggle once again to be human, non fascist. Victory is not assured.
The tribal instincts of the citizens in the USA struggle, under the Grifter's shield of ignorance, to be human, non fascist. Victory is not assured.


Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings - This Land - Visualmyth

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings "This Land Is Your Land This Land Is My Land" written by Woody Guthrie. Public Domain film clips of the Civil Rights Movement, 1960 - 1968 and beyond. Visualmyth produced by Patrick Burke.
The USA in 2018 - "self-evident" to some. It is time to adjust the algorithm for the slow learners. Today's citizens need to pass a civics lesson (multiple choice, with maps of the world) before being qualified to vote. A citizenship test for citizens. Then 2 years of service to our nation, weaponized (military) or non weaponized (civilian service). Then citizens should incorporate (LLC) to level the playing field with the new (offshore, predatory, quasi-migrant) "corporate citizen". Welcome to the new USA. The experiment continues, minute by minute. The tick tock's for us. ο χρόνος περνάει ως "παίζουμε πόκερ εδώ".


Ablaye Cissoko - Volker Goetez - Amanke Dionti - Visualmyth

Ablaye Cissoko, kora, and Volker Goetze, trumpet. Amanké Dionti. Motema Music, 2012. Public Domain film clips of Gemini 7, NASA. Visualmyth © Patrick Burke.


Thoth - Egyptian God - Creator of Magic - Visualmyth

A visualmyth inspired by the ancient Egyptian God Thoth, creator of magic, the inventor of writing, teacher of man, the messenger of the gods (and thus identified by the Greeks with Hermes) and the divine record-keeper and mediator. Music by Alo Jihad Racy. Traditional Near Eastern instruments were used in making this recording, including the nay, salamiyyah, buzuq, mijwiz, mizmar and others. Ancient Egyptian Music - Hymn for the Sunrise © Alo Jihad Racy. Visualmyth © Patrick Burke.

Figures in the Field क्षेत्रमा तथ्याङ्कहरू

 Embossed acetate on paper on computer generated fabric. © Patrick Burke.


Midnite - Seek Knowledge Before Vengeance - Visualmyth

An experiment using still images moving to the beat of some fabulous music. Vaughn Benjamin-vocals. Ron Benjamin-keyboards. Abijah Hicks-guitar. Phillip Merchant-bass. Dion (Bosie) Hopkins-drums. "Seek Knowledge Before Vengeance" © Midnite. Photography by Rob Scherer. Powered by ONADIME. Visualmyth © Patrick Burke.


Verbal Theaters - Je Te Veux - Satie - Visualmyth

A poem set to the music of Erik Satie, Je Te Veux, played by Klára Körmendi. Artwork and text © Patrick Burke.


Martin Luther King Jr. - "Maladjusted" - Visualmyth

“There are some things concerning which we must always be maladjusted if we are to be people of good will. We must never adjust ourselves to racial discrimination and racial segregation. We must never adjust ourselves to religious bigotry. We must never adjust ourselves to economic conditions that take necessities from the many to give luxuries to the few and leave millions of God's children smothering in a cage of poverty in the midst of an affluent society. Martin Luther King Jr.          
Martin Luther King Jr. excerpt from his speech to the American Psychological Association, 1967. Robert Johnson, If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day ,1936 (excerpt). Patrick Burke, Visualmyth. 
Since the 1948 launch of the OAS, the United States has been bound by the terms of the Inter-American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man, known as the Bogotá Declaration. The most significant human rights document up to that time (the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights came shortly thereafter), it obliged the states of the Americas to protect “the right to life, liberty and the security” of every human being, to give protection to families and to grant “all children … the right to special protection, care and aid.” Todd N. Tucker, How Mexico Could Force America’s Hand on Immigrants.


Sun Stands Still - ดวงอาทิตย์ยังคงนิ่ง - Visualmyth

सूर्य अझै पनि छ Sun Stands Still ดวงอาทิตย์ยังคงนิ่ง 태양은 여전히 서있다 солнце стоит на месте © Patrick Burke