"Zaha" زها

"Zaha, Ode to an Architect" Earthenware and digital kiln.


Cactus + Pineapple - tapestry 1

Tapestry size images printed on 100% Organic Cotton Sateen or Polyester Crepe de Chine with durable inks. (34"x38.5" or 86.36cm x 97.79cm). Unhemmed for custom display options. Digital "enhancement" of illustrations by Giorgio Bonelli, 1772. Public Domain image, Rare Book Division, NYPL. Visualmyth Fabric - OPEN May 1, 2016.


Fish Blue Sea - tapestry

Printed on organic cotton sateen, approx. 36" x 40". Digital "enhancement" from the original illustration by Edward Donovan, 1802. Public Domain, NYPL Collection. Available soon from Visualmyth Fabric.


Vitruvian Monolith in Sprintime

The Viturvian image was printed on canvas and painted on by an Irish cave runt. Then included into a photograph of my studio window, the "monolith" is a rock from the Santa Ynez Valley, poised on the window sill. The Vitruvian image will be available as a tapestry printed on organic cotton, coming in early 2016 from Visualmyth Fabric.


Amsterdam Toren

A fabric design combining free flowing pen and ink drawings of the towers (toren) of Amsterdam. Drawn without glancing at the paper until the pen ran off the page, an experiment in eye-hand "alignment". Coming in early 2016 from Visualmyth Fabric. This design is the full image from which silk or polyester Crepe de Chine scarves will be cut in approx. 15" widths.


Tulips (x-rays)

Coming soon from Visualmyth Fabric. A digital evolution of an X-ray photograph of tulips by Edward Charles Le Grice, circa 1910. Looks very photogenic (X-rayable) on Crepe' de Chine.


"Olea Europaea"

"Olea Europaea"by Pedanius Dioscorides, from De Materia Medica, 1584. Public Domain image, digitally altered for fabric by Visualmyth Fabric. Tapestry size (34"x38.5") images printed on organic cotton with durable/vibrant inks. Available in early November from our new ecommerce website.


Cycloterus Lumpus

Cycloterus Lumpus. Printed on organic cotton, 36" x 40" or 22"x30". Fish image from the original illustration by Edward Donovan, 1802. Public Domain, NYPL Collection. Available soon from Visualmyth Fabric.


гребцы Rower on denim jacket

"гребцы Rower" Image printed on organic Ultra cotton. Appliqué on denim jacket. Available in late September or by special order from Visualmyth Fabric. Original image: Soviet fabric from the 1920's, public domain.


гребцы Rower

гребцы Rower, silk scarf from Visualmyth Fabric, arriving in early September. Original fabric Soviet Textile,1921. Public Domain image. Altered from the original by Visualmyth Fabric.


View of Santa Barbara from a low flying moon

A new design from Visualmyth Fabric, a bandana. Original image: Public Domain.


Statue of Freedom

I believe in the American Revolution...and in the evolution of revolution.


On the Raft of Our Medusa

A visualmyth combining images of art history: Théodore Géricault, "The Raft of the Medusa", Katsushika Hokusai, "The Great Wave off Kanagawa", J. M. W. Turner, "The Blue Rigi Lake of Lucerne Sunrise", Marcel Mindlin, "Black Wave", JFK film clip, JFK Library. Rolling Stones, 2,000 Light Years From Home, remix by Patrick Burke. Parviz Yahaghi, Ghoroob. Visualmyth ©Patrick Burke


Visualmyth Fabric - upcoming exhibit

Visualmyth Fabric presents our first edition of scarves. The exhibit opens June 1, scarves can be ordered now. Details soon.