гребцы Rower

гребцы Rower, silk scarf from Visualmyth Fabric, arriving in early September. Original fabric Soviet Textile,1921. Public Domain image. Altered from the original by Visualmyth Fabric.


View of Santa Barbara from a low flying moon

A new design from Visualmyth Fabric, a bandana. Original image: Public Domain.


Statue of Freedom

I believe in the American Revolution...and in the evolution of revolution.


On the Raft of Our Medusa

A visualmyth combining images of art history: Théodore Géricault, "The Raft of the Medusa", Katsushika Hokusai, "The Great Wave off Kanagawa", J. M. W. Turner, "The Blue Rigi Lake of Lucerne Sunrise", Marcel Mindlin, "Black Wave", JFK film clip, JFK Library. Rolling Stones, 2,000 Light Years From Home, remix by Patrick Burke. Parviz Yahaghi, Ghoroob. Visualmyth ©Patrick Burke


Visualmyth Fabric - upcoming exhibit

Visualmyth Fabric presents our first edition of scarves. The exhibit opens June 1, scarves can be ordered now. Details soon.


National Pastime

The plow, the ball, the bat, the cheers, the boos, the swings and missed swats. White orb vs. gravity, weight vs. force.



Cycle Landscape

A combination of original images, fabric, painting on paper, and a photograph.


Balakot Design

A new design from Visualmyth Fabric Exciting news coming in the new year.


"cavernicolo vitruviano" vitruvian caveman

"cavernicolo vitruviano" vitruvian caveman. New design from Visualmyth Fabric. Looks good on canvas and silk.


Visualmyth Fabric is now OPEN

I am happy to invite you to look at the current results of a creative collaboration with my friend Ron Huden, together we have formed Visualmyth Fabric. Our designs are for sale via Spoonflower, you can choose the type of fabric for the image to be printed on, and the amount of yards you want. The quality of the printing is excellent, Spoonflower produces and ships the fabric (worldwide) and handles the transaction as well. They print with waterbased inks using a digital printer so the images have a unique quality to them. The fabric is washable. Suitable for clothing and wall art, and many other ideas. We hope you enjoy seeing the designs and wearing them as well. Visit our website for updates and a video that celebrates the inspiration of fabric design as cultural communication over eons of time.


Fishing for salmon, Aniakchak Bay, Alaska, 1979.

Aniakchak Bay, aboard the beach seiner Northern Seas, skipper Dick Sharp. Photograph by skiffman Shane Jewell. Many nautical miles from the "unplumbed profundity in the Sundam trench of the Pacific exceeding 8000 fathoms..."James Joyce.


la paz, la avispa, el tapón, las laderas

Limited edition print. email for price and custom sizes in a special edition.


Michelangelo evoca il soffitto Sistene

Digitized version of an original work on paper. Inkjet print, limited edition of 5, $450 (wholesale). Original work, embossed oil pastel on paper, email for price.


जीवन्त vivid wandering भौंतारिरहेका

Digitized version of an original work on paper. Inkjet print, limited edition of 5, $450 (wholesale). Special edition on silk also ready for production. Original work, embossed oil pastel on paper, email for price.


Laura Castellanos - Assorted Idols - Visualmyth

A visual exploration of one painting by Laura Castellanos, from her recent Seattle exhibit "Assorted Idols". Music by Parviz Yahaghi, Bahaneh (Shour). Visualmyth by Patrick Burke. Detail from "Bird On A Wire" charcoal, acrylic, latex and oil paint on drop cloth. 70 in x 50 in. by Laura Castellanos.