Mattise On The Balcony - Bresson - Harry Manx - Visualmyth

"For me, a colour is a force. My pictures are made up of four or five colours that collide with one another, and the collision gives a sense of energy. When I put green, it doesn't mean grass. When I put blue, it doesn't mean sky." Henri Matisse.

"I'm rather inclined to depression and sometimes see everything in black … The biggest worry was losing my love of work. I can put up with the blackest despair by whistling or singing." Henri Matisse.



Apple Harvest - Vermont Orchard - Robert Frost - Visualmyth

Apple Harvest - Vermont Orchard Sculpture. 1st Draft. Vermont Studios.
© Flint Burke Sculpture.



Beam Me Up to the Ballgame - Guthrie - Odetta - Gillenkirk

Celebrating the Life of Jeff Gillenkirk .

 Cervantes - Golden Gate Park - Jo Mora.


Healing Force - Vietnam - Dust Off - Medevac - Visualmyth

                Saluting the Courage and Compassion of the Medical Profession.

Don Pullen - Healing Force

Red Dress - Money Dream - America 1626 - Eisenstein

Charles Eisenstein.


Mark Knopfler - Brothers In Arms - Berlin 2007


Donostia - San Sebastián - Eduardo Chillida

Donostia - San Sebastián - live camera - Hotel Londres.

 Eduardo Chillida - Sculpted By Time.