Wengen Switzerland

"The blue circle is where I spent 3 months haying with a Swiss farmer, earning money the extremely old fashioned way, with scythe, rake and pitchfork. Heaven with sweat and a view. The blue circle in the upper right is where we spent August 1 (Founding of the Swiss Confederation in 1291. Since 1891, the first of August has been celebrated as Swiss National Day. The date refers to a historic alliance concluded in 1291 by the three cantons of Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden. This alliance was to become the focal point around which the Switzerland of today was built over the next 500 years.) The farmer invited me to fly up in a helicopter with him and his yodeling group of farmers to celebrate the day, which was also the anniversary of the Mutthorn Hut. We spent the day in fine fashion. I did pen and ink sketches the whole time, some of which are still there. Such invigorating memories, I'm still there too."