César Vallejo - "La Paz, La Avispa..."

The Peace, The Wasp. . .

The peace, the wasp, the bung, the hillsides,
The dead man, the ten liter bottles, the owl,
Places, the spider, the tombs, the tumbler, the dark women,
Unknowing, the kettle, the acolyte,
Drops, forgetfulness,
Power, the cousins, the archangel, the needle,
The parish priests, ebony, lack of skill,
The part, the type, the stupor, the soul. . . .
Easy to handle, covered with saffron, everlasting, spotless,
Easy to carry, old, thirteen, covered with blood,
They have been photographed, made ready, they have swollen up,
Joined together, broad, they have put on ribbons, they are perfidious. . . .
Burning, comparing,
Living, flying in a rage,
Striking, analyzing, listening, meddling,
Dying, bearing up, getting themselves a place, weeping. . . .
After, these here,
After, up above,
Perhaps, while behind, so much, so never,
Below, maybe, far,
Always, that one, tomorrow, how much,
How much. . .!
The horrible, the sumptuary, the very slow,
The portly, the fruitless,
The ill-fated, causing us to twitch, the wet, the fatal,
The all, the most-pure, the gloomy,
The bitter, the satanic, the tactile, the profound. . .
César Vallejo