Sunset - закат солнца - 日落

"What is our worst existential fear, worse than any cyber, biological, enviornmental or even nuclear threat? It is the threat of a utopian ideology in the hands of a formidable power. Because Utopian thought is, in and of itself, the perfect political and spiritual arrangement, this means that any measures to bring it about are morally justified: including totalitarianism and mass murder. But what, on the individual level, has always been the attraction of utopian ideology, despite what is has wrought in the twentieth century? Its primary attraction lies in what it does to the soul." 
Robert D. Kaplan, "Marco Polo's World".
Telegram to King Bozo the Only: “Another reform in the American Constitutions is the exploding of all oaths of personality. The oath of allegiance to America is to the nation only. The putting of any individual as a figure for a Nation is improper." The Rights of Man, Thomas Paine.
The state of American democracy as Mt. Etna - live camera, with sound.