50th Anniversary Of The Potsdam Conference 1995 - Visualmyth

As part of the events marking the 50th anniversary of the Potsdam Conference in Potsdam, Germany, I participated by having an exhibition of digitally altered and printed images that were placed in 160 lightboxes at tram and bus stops throughout Potsdam, as well as a smaller number in Berlin and in Arnhem, the Netherlands.
  My goal was to create a reflection of 50 years of history when the people of Potsdam were living the consequences of the Potsdam Conference. 
  “The devastation is complete,” he wrote. “There is not a single building which is not gutted. On some of the streets the stench—sweet and sickish from dead bodies—is overwhelming. The people all have completely colorless faces…Where they are going, no one seems to know. I wonder if they do.”
John F. Kennedy, Berlin, Potsdam, 1945. Prelude to Leadership: The Post-War Diary, Summer 1945.