Nine Summers Lost - Manx - Potsdam 1945 - 1995 - Public Lightboxes

As part of the events marking the 50th anniversary of the Potsdam Conference in Potsdam, Germany, I participated by having an exhibition of digitally altered and printed images that were placed in 160 lightboxes at tram and bus stops throughout Potsdam, as well as a smaller number in Berlin and in Arnhem, the Netherlands.
My intent in creating this image was to salute the creative spirit of filmmakers who persevered in the years 1945-1995. Original images from the DOK Film Archive. Used with permission. Including images from personal archives.
"The Destruction of the Garisson Church" original photograph © Martin Siedel, altered with permission.
St. Nikolaikirche, DOK Film Archive. Altered by PB.